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     Social responsibility "RNGS-Group" is a form of the company's relationship with the community, expressed in the active participation and influence on the social and public spheres of the country's life. In these relations, the company sets goals that are not related to making a profit. We strive to use our opportunities for the development of public organizations, engineering education and scientific and technical specializations, as well as for the preparation of new standards of professional activity.


     The company and its employees voluntarily participate in various programs of social activity and charity:

  • Support of profile associations in carrying out activities. Assistance in the provision of premises and organization of seminars, scientific and technical conferences. Cooperation with the public organization "The Russian Union of Oil and Gas Constructors", etc. Scientific and technical publishing activities.

  • Support for veterans of labor. Organization and holding of holidays and events, congratulations in honor of Victory Day and May 1.

  • Information and methodological support of educational institutions. Participation in the formation of joint programs of research and development work in the field of managing complex technogenic and socio-economic systems, sustainable territorial development.

  • Sponsorship, support of the all-Russian social movement "Gifted children - the future of Russia". Charitable activities, assistance in the restoration of Orthodox churches and monasteries.


Social programs

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