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Horasis Global Meeting 2019, Cascais, (Portugal)

On April 6-9, 2019 in Cascais (Portugal), the Horasis Global Forum was held, which was dedicated to the topic: “The Final Results of Globalization”.

The program of the forum included a speech by representatives of the RNGS: Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. I. Mazur at two sessions: “Reducing the Use of Fossil Fuels” and “Climate Change Policies” and Dr. Sc. A. Chumakova at the section “A Brief History of Globalization”. It was also envisaged participation in the forum of the Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. S. Prokopchinoy.

Since prof. I. Mazur, for objective reasons, could not take a personal part in the forum, his reports were read in the indicated sections by prof. S. Prokopchinoy.

In the work of the Global Meeting “Horasis” (2019), Dr. Sc., Professor of the Faculty of Global Processes of Moscow State University Alexander N. Chumakov took part:

«…Alexander N. Chumakov, First Vice-President, Russian Philosophical Society, Russia, noted that the word Globalization gained contemporary significance only after World War II. We should look to Globalization has a continuous process that had several landmarks and examples: the 15th century’s geographical discoveries (economical impact); 15th century Tordesillhas Treaty (political impact); 16-17th centuries colonization of Americas with the implementation of the languages brought by the English, Spanish and Portuguese colonial powers (cultural impact). Afterwards, there were only fundamental Globalization steps such as the launching of the Sputnik (1957), the Personal Computer (1981) and the Internet (1991) …»

In addition to working on the main program of the forum, prof. A. Chumakova and prof. S. Prokopchina before the congress (May 5) gave one lecture at the New University of Lisbon for employees and graduate students of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities. At the forum, they also took an active part in the discussion of reports and discussions. We held a series of negotiations and informational discussions on issues of interest to the RNGS, as well as on global research issues.

At the forum there were more than 800 famous scientists, philosophers, representatives of the political and business elite from 71 countries. The event was held in conjunction with the Portuguese government and the city of Cascais. The Horasis Global Forum has been held annually since 2016 and is one of the largest meetings of scientists and business leaders in the world who interact with key government officials and prominent representatives of theoretical thought.

Horasis provides a unique platform for companies from emerging and developed markets to globalize their organizations. In addition to the Horasis global meeting, annual meetings are held across China and India, as well as the Pan-Asian meeting of Horasis Asia. This forum is also called the World Economic Forum for Emerging Markets.

March 28-31, 2020, «Horasis» will host the Global Meeting. The 2020 global meeting will take place at a historic moment when the world is faced with existential conflicts and a lack of leadership. Present delegates will be prepared to discuss potential solutions and suggest ways that will lead to sustainable leadership at global and local levels.

You can get acquainted with the information on the official website:

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