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Development and construction of oil and gas
fields. Modern search technologies, exploration and production of hydrocarbons.

In a "turnkey" "RNGS-Group" develops and field development.

  • Industrial infrastructure

  • Exploration and production drilling

  • Trial operation

  • Project investment

  • Financial advisory

Search and exploration in the competence of the Geological Survey of "RNGS- Group". A high-class team of professionals develops advanced highly effective search methods.

"RNGS-Group" Geological service

Represented by:
Baltic Federal University after Immanuel Kant
Scientific Research Institute of Mathematical Geophysics
Russian Academy of Sciences
SMNG Center


More than 250 engineering, geophysics, geologies, programmers, including 25 Ph. Doctor Sciences. "
RNGS-Group" has state-of-the-art telemetry complexes. Both explosive and non-explosive seismic sources are used during operations:
8 seismic crews are top level equipped.

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