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   The Chairman of the Management Board of «RAO Rosneftegazstroy» JSC, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Mazur I. Ivan  became the winner of the GLOBAL BUSINESS BRAND - 2019 award.

   The GLOBAL BUSINESS BRAND Award was established by the International Union of Ecologists, Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (the founding countries of Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan and Azerbaijan) with the aim of identifying and encouraging business leaders who, in difficult modern conditions, managed to find resources for sustainable and dynamic development, as well as for the popularization and promotion of goods and services of local production.

   Benefits of participating in the GLOBAL BUSINESS BRAND:

• Strengthening the position of the company and the region in the international business community, in the professional environment, among customers and partners

• Evaluation of the work of the company's specialists by independent international experts and colleagues

• An opportunity to get acquainted with the most successful modern business models and practice of Russian and Western companies

• The status of the Participant of the Prize, which, having taken its rightful place on the Prize website and in the Prize materials, will contribute to increasing the attractiveness of the company’s brand and its top management

• Ability to post expert opinions and comments of specialists and company executives on the Prize website

• Participation in international conferences held by the organizing committee

• Participation in the Award Ceremony

• Membership in the Club of Prize Laureates

• Publication of materials submitted for the Prize on the website

• Media references


   The GLOBAL BUSINESS BRAND prize is awarded on a competitive basis in the following statuses:

Personally in the GRAND BUSINESS PERSON nomination

   For corporations in the GLOBAL BUSINESS LEGEND nomination

   1. Personally

• for a significant personal contribution to the development of a corporate brand

• for the skillful and efficient use of modern technologies for business development and promotion of goods

• for the successful search for new formats of import substitution in difficult conditions of economic development

• for dedication to the profession and high professional standards

    2. For corporations

• for the skillful and efficient use of modern technology in the process of integration into the global market space

• for achieving significant results in the field of quality of goods and services

• for the development of innovative innovative technologies

• for the introduction of highly effective management methods

• for the rational use of resources, environmental protection and environmental safety

• for the development of reliable environmental technologies

• for the creation of high-quality regional analogues of industrial and consumer goods



   Heads of legislative and executive authorities in regions, territories, regions, cities, urban and rural settlements

“For supporting small and medium businesses”

• for the implementation of projects aimed at practical, economic, legal, consulting support of local business

• for work to maintain optimal conditions for the development of medium and small businesses - the economic basis for the development of the middle class

• for the organization of innovative programs of education and enlightenment of the business community, ensuring its sustainable development

• for creating favorable conditions for carrying out business activities in their territories

• for the comprehensive solution of tasks to overcome the negative factors affecting the modern development of regional entrepreneurship

• for creating a positive image for regional business

• The winners of the GLOBAL BUSINESS BRAND Award in the GRAND BUSINESS PERSON nomination are awarded the Sickle and Hammer Commemorative Token, and the Golden Cube MADE IN RUSSIA in the GLOBAL BUSINESS LEGEND nomination

Prize winners receive the right to use the symbolism of the prize in their advertising and presentation materials.

  Prize winners receive the right to make presentations of their activities at international conferences held by the Prize Organizing Committee.

     Prize winners will receive promotional materials.

     Information about the goods and services of the Prize Laureates is available on all materials of the Prize, on the Prize's website and in the media.

    The Competition Commission of the Prize is formed with the participation of representatives of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, federal executive bodies, institutions and organizations, leading scientists and experts in the field of environmental management, representatives of public associations.

    The Competition Commission for the Prize is headed by KURAKOV P. LEV , President of the National Center for Global Information Management, Academician of the Russian Academy of Education, Laureate of the Prize of the President of Russia, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation, Doctor of Economics, Professor.

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