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The general objective of the company "RNGS-Group" is to satisfy all the established and expected requirements of consumers by constantly improving the quality and volume of services provided.

Strategic Objectives:


  • Creating a sustainable image of a reliable international partner.

  • Expansion of new opportunities and services of the company.

  • Maintaining a high level of competitiveness of the company in the domestic and foreign markets.

  • Achievement of a financial condition that meets the requirements of shareholders, employees and creditors.

The main directions of business development:

   1. Development of EPCM engineering functions by turnkey scheme, professional management of investment and construction projects based on modern information technologies.
   2. Integration and consolidation of resources.

Association of companies in various sectors of oil and gas and industrial and civilian complexes for the implementation of large-scale projects.
   3. Investments and financing.

Organization of financing of perspective projects (project financing).

Contract financing.

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