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(Ground and Subsea Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspection)

  • Determination of pipeline stress condition; Identification of anomalous magnetized zones (hereinafter "Concentrators") located at the weld joints and near the seam zones, with determination of their degree of danger to the operating pipeline according to the procedure presented in this document;

  • Determination of technical condition of insulation coating;

  • Determination of pipeline protection degree by current cathodic protection stations;

  • Detection and determination of pipeline protection degree against influence of wandering currents of industrial frequency;

  • Determination of high-precision coordinates of the actual position of the pipeline on the ground using the differential navigation satellite system of the centimeter range, mapping the tracks of the sections of the surveyed pipeline;

  • Determination of actual pipeline laying depth;

  • Measurement of the actual length of the pipeline according to the planar-altitude position of its axis in the global three-dimensional coordinate system with an accuracy of at least ± 0.5%.

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