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   Efficient management of the total production, financial and intellectual resources of "RAO Rosneftegazstroy" and international companies included in the structure of "RNGS-Group" allows for an intensive policy on the development of new projects in which "RNGS-Group" plays a key role, is a catalyst for them development and performs work on favorable terms.

   While maintaining competence in the implementation of projects, "RNGS-Group" acts as a management company for the implementation of programs for the construction of oil and gas, energy, industrial and social facilities.

   "RNGS-Group" is open for cooperation with representatives of Russian and international business on the basis of mutual respect and economic efficiency, and in this regard is an extremely attractive strategic partner in the Russian, CIS and non-CIS markets

   "RNGS-Group" is an integrated group of companies of international level specializing in the provision of integrated services in the field of construction of oil and gas facilities based on the experience of previous years using intelligent project management systems, the latest technologies and resources, thus ensuring the creation of new and unique objects, fully meeting the requirements of international standards.

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